Marijuana Health Benefits

Medical marijuana has been legalized in a good number of states, including the District of Columbia and Guam. Researchers have shown many of its benefits, …


  1. The problem in legalizing in in some countries like ours in Asia is poor people using it, not doing anything ans eventually leading to desperation to get more then commit crime….

  2. Those who don't know… cannabis was banned for one simple reason… Pharma cartel..they wouldn't want you to be not using their useless and addictive medication so they got this divine medicine banned under the stringent act… otherwise how can this be banned with same regulation as cocaine or meth…when this is more useful than harmful???

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  4. I agree with this video. U can ask doctors about how weed is good for you. They tell the truth. People say it's bad for you. But it's not. Facts 💯

  5. medical proof are limited this is only because this herb is a form of lord Shiva. and trust me science cannot reach to the level where God lays. god bless u . Amen, pray that this herb could fight with the coronavirus.

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