Marijuana Etiquette: It’s A Real Thing And A New Book Breaks It Down

This past Tuesday, cannabis industry reporter and Benzinga author Andrew Ward celebrated the release of his second book, “The Art of Marijuana Etiquette: A Sophisticated Guide to the High Life.”

Ward’s previous release, “Cannabis Jobs,” was released in 2019. Skyhorse Publishing distributes both books.

A Celebration Of The Culture

Ward is a writer with over 770 bylines in the cannabis space on outlets ranging from High Times Magazine to Business Insider; his work is also syndicated in Spanish and Portuguese via

Commenting on the release, Ward said the book represents a celebration of the culture while acknowledging a shift in cannabis norms: “While legalization is gaining momentum, the pandemic and social justice awareness have brought changes to the community for the short- and, likely in the case of social reform, the long-term.”

On The Shoulders Of Its Predecessors

“The Art of Marijuana Etiquette” covers a range of topics, building off the lessons shared in various blog posts and books, particularly Lizzie Post’s “Higher Etiquette.”

What Ward and his editor saw was an opportunity to touch on additional subjects, adding a unique perspective from cannabis operators and consumers. Topics range from cannabis norms during the pandemic to disparities in policing cannabis.

“The community has done so much for me in my five or so years as a cannabis writer,” Ward added. “I just hope this book and all my work can do a bit of good to move things in the legal, ethical direction.”

As of Tuesday, “Marijuana Etiquette” was the #1 New Release on Amazon’s Doctors and Medicine Humor section.

“I don’t know how the book got categorized like that, but I guess I’ll take the distinction,” concluded Ward.

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