Legal recreational marijuana in Illinois: 1 year later

The first year of legal recreational marijuana in Illinois has been filled with long lines, huge sales and continued questions about equity.


  1. Citizens are not recognizing the truth behind weed being illegal. The entity that owns the US Dollar along with most large corporations in America…. including the alcohol industry views it as direct competition. They made it illegal to ensure citizens continue to buy alcohol. It has NOTHING to do with "drugs" and "safety"……..IT HAS TO DO WITH MONEY. People would not spend the enormous amounts being charged for alcohol when they can grow weed-free in their house…..have fewer health problems and no hangover. Legalizing it will result in a controlled cash cow just like alcohol. They will legalize its sale but not it "growing in your basement"…… which will be against the law! It is all about money……. it is not about the citizen's benefit. We live in a world of constant and increasing controls in every single aspect of our lives.

  2. So, Chicago is making lots of money off of these drugs through taxes, but doesn't anyone understand that they more drugs that go into people's systems, the more crime they will eventually cause because they want more and more drugs. How do they get more and more drugs. Alcohol is bad enough for people. You add this junk into people's system's, and they just want more and more different types of drugs. America has really being going downhill this past year, and it's getting worse. People are putting their faith in everything else such as garbage such as gambling, alcoholism, and now this instead of JESUS CHRIST. When the world tells me, "We are in this together." I say NO WAY. I'M not in this together. Go do your drugs, alcohol, gambling, and enjoy your depression upon depression, and more and more drug use. Americans have truly lost their way this year!

  3. 1 year anniversary of legal weed and illinois still has the worst system in the country. Lowest supply , highest prices , absurd taxes….. the state pays themselves a nice bonus off the revenue and they dont fix shiit in the state. Typical illinois!!!

  4. So are you saying they aren't allowing dispensaries in neighborhoods that burn down, rob and shoot up businesses? If so can you blame them?

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