1. Cbd helped me walk again to I was losing feeling in my left leg from a lower back and hip injury from a car accident so I started smoking CBD for the pain cuz I refused to take pain prescriptions 💯💪🏾 CBD works for real

  2. Hate living in the uk you can’t get any with thc in it 🤦🏽‍♂️ my mother has crohns and it would help her so much

  3. 'None of them smoke weed' [talking about 'these old folks'] – You have read about the '60s have you sonny? Anyone toking in the '60s and still alive is a weed smoker. It's just that we have medical problems like chronic pain and glaucoma now to treat with it. Plenty of today's tokers are past 80 and still truckin!

  4. In 2010, I went to a local hospital in Hagerstown, Maryland with stomach issues. I was later transferred to a large hospital in Baltimore after developing jaundice. There, I learned that there was a tumor blocking my liver duct—the cause of the stomach distress—and that I had Stage 3 pancreatic cancer. I had no prior family History of the disease and was only 44-years-old at the time of diagnosis. I tried so many Treatment but still no change, until a friend of mine told me about Dr Harvey, he told me how Dr Harvey cured his uncle with his Herbal Products and Suggested I contact him ,so I quickly Contacted him and explained everything to him and he assured me that his Herbal Products will cure me which I strongly believed ,so I Purchased it and he told me how to use it which I did , after some time I started noticing some Changes in my body after 30 days I went for a test and to my greatest surprise the result was negative, Wow I’m so happy about this, thank you so much Dr Harvey. you can also contact Dr Harvey on VIA EMAIL: (Drharveyphytotherapy@yahoo.com)

  5. This guy cannot refrain from smoking weed while he should be enjoying time with his family.. Loser. Stoner. Degenerate.
    Pick your spots, boys. Your addiction shouldn't be sneaking into your kids lives or family vacations.
    Joe's guest uses the term "potheads" but he can't refrain from smoking up during a family vacation. His addiction is a problem.
    FYI: I use cbd and smoke.

  6. Besides you like to smoke weed, I learned little from that. I want to stop my 30 years of panick attacks. I don't care that you are a stoner or got arrested. I know, I know. But still.

  7. Oh no less people are going to have jobs for imprisoning people what a shame. Let’s disregard the jobs that will be created with the framework for a new industry being created.

  8. Joe, I ordered the CBD oil you have been recommending and the company screwed me over. I ordered on dropper bottle and one bottle of CBD pills for $6 each they were supposedly free just pay shipping. Well 2 weeks later that company charged my account $90. WTF man you are involved in a scam. Total BS. I'm a quadriplegic trying to get relief from my muscle spasms and all I got was ripped of. Here is the company name and phone number. Buycarenizaonlinecom 8773646209 they owe me $89.92

  9. I got arrested for a roach. Not even a full joint. This was in 2015 down here in the Bible Belt of Texas. Fuckin sucked man. I got 6 months probation w/ random drug testing, 40 hours of community service and 1200 dollars worth of fines and drug/alcohol classes. I was 18 at the time too so coming up with the money was really hard.

  10. Anyone tried Relm CBD? I've heard their stick works well and they have CBG in theirs but curious if anyone has tried it before

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