This was my personal experience vaping CBD for the first time. I still don’t know much about CBD and in no way am I saying you guys should try it. Do as much …


  1. Thanks for the video, I didn't know about the cotton wick, cotton is loaded with glyphosate which is being connected to lung vape disorders (Stephanie Seneff).
    I'd go with another type of wick if they are available, the chemical is now proven to be behind the Autism & Breast cancer epidemic, glyphosate is also behind Anxiety and depression via disruption of the microbiome, if you want the science just ask and I'll share, or just watch Stephanie Seneff.

  2. The whole bottle is 600 mgs. Not each serving. If you think about it. Cbd especially the droppers are cheaper than anti depressants anxiety meds . If used 2x a day

  3. Not enough studies on CBDs !!! You've been talking to too many doctors who care more about giving prescription drugs.

    Also sounds like you have been taking shitty cbd.

  4. You're saying no one should take cbd's without supervision from a doctor, well good luck with that, most doctors do not support any form of marijuana and will tell you there hasn't been enough studies done on the use of Cannabis. The reason for this is that they make money by giving prescription for medication drugs not for marijuana. The pharmasutical companies want to stay in business, they don't want people turning to medical marijuana.

    You said we're not animals actually we are just a different species in the animal kingdom.

  5. Idk it makes me high …. mellow high I get munchies takes the pain down a notch and makes me shit a lot ! I smoke the flower i dry herb vaporize the flower as well got to love the weed smells lmfao and orderd a shit tone of vapes and cbd juice I spent about 120 on every thing not expensive but hay it works !!!

    My order of vape devices
    1 smok mico
    4 . 3 packs of smok mico mesh pods 0.8 ohms
    2 smok x force devices
    2 . 4 packs of 0.6 ohm coils
    2 wismic active mods with the wismec ns tank
    2 CBD juiced from vaporfi custom blends
    2. 0% nic juice bottles from the sauce la for mixing with the cbd juice ….. God I'm really high on this cbd juice it just kicked in hard after chain vaping …… wow !!!!

  6. No, vaping nicotine isn't like smoking cause when you smoke you're inhaling smoke that contains over 7000+ chemicals, but when you're vaping you're inhaling a vapour that has only 4 chemicals, 3 of wich you consume on a daily basis. (PG,VG,FLAVOURING). Not to mention vaping is atleast 95% less harmful than smoking. If you don't believe me you can check out the study from Public Health England: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/dec/28/vaping-is-95-safer-than-smoking-claims-public-health-england

    Now you can stop spreading false claims and inform urself

  7. Lazarus Naturals 50 mg drops helps anxiety a lot — even at a low dosage!!!! I think I got this at the corner store. If you have ever had trauma and find your soul a bit fragmented so that sometimes or at certain times a day, you drop back into that trauma, CBD will tell you everything is going to be okay….for real.

  8. Lol like cannabis, there are many different kinds of CBD tinctures to choose from. All with varying terpene levels, which is primarily the thing that determines what each one is supposed to be used for. Not to mention the obvious; everyone's body reacts differently to everything.

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