I Tried CBD Oil Vape Pen For The First Time!

Out of all of my CBD Trial Journey I LOVE DiamondCBD the best! Plus they have the best deals always 😉 Diamond CBD Website: …


  1. Hello, I've been totally inspired by the vape…The fruitful flavor make them more popular…Today I bought my first vape…I'm totally enjoying it. I'm hoping that it will help me to release stressful mood or anxiety…my vape is frozen banana 🍌 flavor…. Kudos

  2. Well lucky you, you don't have any pains. I just turned 40 and have osteoarthritis. I bought myself some CBD oils and thc vapes. Honestly, the oils work better or my pains. I'm not a stoner at all. If anything I hate it and can't handle being high. I usually just take 1 maybe 2 small hits from the vape just so I can get tf to sleep. Otherwise, I can be up till 7-9am. Anyhow, I'm actually looking around to find out what tf is going on with my vape, why I can't suck anything out. I'll suck for the life of me just to get something out. I feel that's not good for the vape. There's 2 holes and I ain't covering them up. The thing is charged so idk what tf is going on with my vape and one more thing, how do I store it when I'm not using it? On the side? up right? If anyone knows please lmk!! Thanks a lot in advance.

  3. Does it smell like some loud? Cause I smelled some weird coming from my nephews room and he said it was just a CBD pen but I was like bro I know what loud smells like LOL

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