I Tried CBD Oil For A Week For My Anxiety, CBD Vape Pen and Tincture Review

Hey guys so I have been taking the CBD oil tincture for a week so as the CBD vape pen and so far loving it. My anxiety isn’t there anytime I take it. If I left …


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  2. Hey brother I just broke down and picked up a vape pen with CBD oil today. It feels weird picking up something that's similar to smoking because I quit smoking years ago. My anxiety was getting out of hand and I too was having the strange heart rhythm and it scares the crap out of me. I will never take medication prescribed by these doctors because it's poison but I want to do something about it so here I am.

  3. I actually just bought a pen and the tincture just to see what works for my body as well. Glad you can speak out about anxiety issues dude. No lie we all have them. I'm glad we found a natural way to suppress it besides popping pills doctors prescribe us.

  4. Bro I really liked your video I like your vibe you seem pretty cool. I suffer from generalize anxiety disorder bro. I want to use CBD. Does it get you high? Or do you just feel relax? Thanks brother

  5. I subbed.can you teach me how to be nice? I had such a crazy day.i went on fb and told anyone that wanted 500$ to meet me at the park.and beat my arse. And they can have it . im manic. P.s. never tell your psychiatrist you want to hurt someone.haha.

  6. You sound a lot like me. I don’t want to smoke marijuana and have crazy effects and I also have driving anxiety. I have severe social anxiety. Maybe this will help.

  7. Your saving lives out here man💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼Love your vids and you seem like a really cool dude so this is fun to watch for real

  8. I’m 40 years old. I’ll my life I have been stable not until I turned 37 did my anxiety shoot through the roof. It’s been bad. Then the pandemic hit and it hit worse. Started going to therapy and medication. I don’t like taking medications. I want something more natural. How natural is this?

  9. Thank you for good review and video! 52 / 5000

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