How to Vape CBD: Beginners Guide to Vaping CBD

For many people with pain or other conditions treated with CBD, vaping provides convenient and quick relief. However, getting started with vaping can be a …


  1. hey 🙂 I'm researching to find the best cbd cartridge for anxiety and think your shop is what i'll go with! but not sure which of the strains on your website for the carts is best for anxiety, i'm thinking blue dream but i'd like to know for sure! Been needing a natural holistic alternative since i'm not a big fan of psychiatric meds.. pls lmk!!

  2. I have a dumb question. I don't usually smoke and I have a disposable. People say to inhale but not to swallow. So do I literally suck it in his it for a sec or two then blow it out? It seems to just stay in my mouth then

  3. CAN'T HEAR a thing the sound is so low. You need to fix it I don't know how you got 11K views, unless they looked and left for not being able to hear and I have no hearing problem.

  4. Hi, is there a cbd vape cartridge or disposal pen that contains no thc? I want something to take before going running or hiking without the high effect.

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