How To Make Homemade CBD Edibles! Easy Recipe

How to Make Homemade CBD Edibles In this video Ill show you a simple recipe so you can benefit from making your own CBD Edibles at home. You’ll be able …


  1. If you were to make brownies using the Betty Crocker brownie mix what ingredient would cbd oil be replacing ? Also what cbd oil is best to use like would 1000mg cbd oil be good to use ?

  2. Ordered some cbd oil from the lady from Bradford 'excite 5%' to try out – the man who lived in Cecil Avenue! Happy New Year to you all up there!

  3. I MAKE CBD GUMMIES, using Vegan Gelatine and peppermint flavouring ( Peppermint helps the CBD get into your blood stream faster) and other flavourings like black cherry and Kahlua (yummy yummy combination).

  4. Is CBD distillate still measured the same as isolate ? For instance is 1g of distillate still equal to 1000 mg ? Thanks for the help in advance gonna try some edibles just wanna make sure im not over doing it lol

  5. I have high CBD Hemp flower (15.30% CBD), at what temperature, how long & how much should I sauté with 1 stick of butter? Approx 113g in a stick of butter, any advice or suggestions?

  6. Hello,

    Thank you so much for your video! I saw your reply about food protecting cbd in the oven, but what about when you're cooking it in a pot? What temperature is it safe to heat the cbd up to? I want to make a candy which requires a temperature of 300F.

  7. Nice video

    I have been vaping cbd for a couple of years and it’s been life changing

    I also use sublingual oils quite a lot

    I was given some Canavape full spectrum cbd crumble a while ago, and I wasn’t sure what to do with it as I don’t have a dab rig and don’t plan to get one

    Melting in to butter seems somewhat wasteful because unless you have an unhealthy amount of butter on your toast, the cbd consumed will be minimal …. especially as some of it is lost in the digestive process as you’ve mentioned

    I typically only use 20mg of cbd a day which is currently a 50/50 split between vaping and sublingual drops

    I have always found it awkward to control measurement with a dropper , so I have always added loads of hemp seed oil to the cbd bottle to dilute it a bit …… something like 5 parts hemp seed oil to 1 part cbd oil .

    That way I can have a “squirt” from the dropper as opposed to trying to control one or two drops under my tongue

    Sorry for the long lead up ……. but my question is as follows ….. if I melted the crumble into hemp seed oil , would if effectively just become like a sublingual oil , that I can use like any other ?

  8. hi thanks for thud are you meant to have a day…and can you have too much? EG if I made some cookies or a brownie…..would I have to beg careful about the portions etc? Where can I get the isolate from? thanks!

  9. Hi, I'm looking at making some edibles but want to benefit from the full spectrum nature of the CBD so I'd rather not use isolate. I have heard about CBD distillate, is this a good alternative full spectrum product that I can use in edibles? Thanks!

  10. Hi cbd woman! I've been looking on the web. Can you crush up cbd crystals into powder and then put it into butter? Should I use the same amount or more or less of I'm using dont crystal form?

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