How to make extra strength CBD oil

cbd #cbdoil #cbdtincture In this video I share with you my recipe for extra stregth CBD oil . We use MCT oil and our own organic CBD hemp flower along with …


  1. Hi! Very impressive video! May we somehow arrange a very short private conversation on this? I would really need a little bit more advice, I'd order and buy everything from you, but how can we establish a private conversation (again, just 10 minutes or so…)? Please, please let me know.
    Thank you in advance!!!

  2. great info ,just made some here in Aussie Land …one quickie . you decarbed ,then pulled out of the oven , said smells great {same same} , then put in MBN. …book says to let cool as it preserves phytonutrients ….. another you tube showed ol mate letting his box cool to 60 . whats the scoop ? Imine probably went down to 60 then in the pot into the oil , but after4 hours was only done down to 50% . bud and lecithin still dry above , so compressed with spatular and red set for another 4 hrs came out beautiful and the bottom of the MBN had a clump of finish exactly like a coffee perculator , …whats your decarb take on that cheers Mungass ….

  3. This is new to me what and where can you purchase that butter machine and I like the strength strong with chocolate& mint flavor can some one send me recipe

  4. Why even add the sunflower liquid? What purpose does it have? Also why not just get pure isolate or a broad spectrum so you can have a clean oil with Maby a added flavor.

  5. Awesome vid!!!!! NO unnecessary babbling or vauge instructions!!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Wish i could get hemp in canada like the U.S. we have to pay premium prices for cbd sativa thatbis non phycoactive as the cost of high thc weed!!! Just ridiculous

  6. I copied your exact method and added the sunflower mine dont smell to good, I used mct. My question is can the sunflower extract alter the taste as it doesn't taste weedy at all, cheers?

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