How to make CBD cannabis butter (simple recipe)

butter #cannabisbutter #cbdbutter #hemp #cbdhemp In this video I am making CBD butter! A new spin on the classic weed butter recipe. Cannabis butter is a …


  1. Pro Tip: Use highest quality butter. Clarify the butter first, grind your cannabis to a corse grind before you decarboxylate, add cannabis to butter and heat on low for 3 hours stirring regularly. Pour everything into a separate container and refrigerate for 3 -5 days. Reheat to a simmer then remove from heat…Strain 2-3 times with various size micron sieves from larger to smaller while it’s still hot, pour into molds and refrigerate. Potency will be higher, butter will be cleaner and taste much better.

  2. I have a kinda dumb question. I’m 19 and still living at home due to financial stuff and my parents are very strict when it comes to anything to do with weed, yet are okay with me using CBD for my migraine and sleep issues. They’re also fine with me drinking alcohol as long as I don’t drive (never would drive after drinking anyway)

    I know that weed smells very strong depending on what strain is used, and I really want to try this with CBD. Does CBD smell up the whole place while it’s de-carbing or in the butter maker? CBD is legal in my state but recreational weed is not and you have to be 21 and have serious medical conditions to get a medical card. (at least not yet) Not to mention my parents act like baby boomers (they’re early Gen X) and think weed is evil and I can’t afford to get kicked out on the chance that CBD will smell up their place.

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