How medical marijuana affects your body

Understanding marijuana’s medical value starts with getting a clear picture of what it is and what it does. Here’s a look at how it works in the body. Learn more …


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  2. If there's hundreds of different Cannabinoids in general – the possibilities are endless in some ways in isolating certain Cannabinoids for certain medical treatments for illnesses or diseases. Or use many for things like curing cancer – since your life 🧬 is on the line… you might as well do your best too cure your cancer.

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  4. 2 bad weed aint sold like its medical cus they charge u like ur buying a Gucci bag.. When i decided to get off fentanyl i used medical marijuana to help with withdrawal.. It helped me with sleep,pain and nausea so i recommend it but its sooo expensive!. I don't mind paying but it sucks knowing that ur Paying up to 1000 a month on meds.

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