Hemp Oil vs Olive Oil | Health Benefits

Hemp Oil vs Olive Oil: 1. EFA Ratio Olive Oil is mostly monounsaturated fat (high in Omega 9), whereas Hemp oil has a more balanced essential fatty acid ratio …


  1. Ive heard Moringa oil is the more nutritious than hemp oil. Not to mention Moringa is the most nutritious green plant on the earth. Here's a challenge. Prove me wrong! Plus a great cooking oil. Not to mention that Moringa cakes after oil extraction purifys water. The Moringa tree actually purifys the ground it is grown in. And contains a little known substance called zetin in abundance.

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  3. Such a Biased Video .. it is Clear you have an agenda … You fail to talk about any of EVOO's polyphenols, in particular OLEOCANTHAL – nature's anti inflammatory medicine .. When People talk about not believing everything on the internet .. this video is a prime example

  4. I had mine for almost 2 1/2 years refrigerated and I stopped using it because I read it can cause prosate cancer..however I was going to start using it, do you think it's still good

  5. Favorite(new) oil Red Palm oil. Basically liquid beta carotene, or as i call it: liquid carrots!, Like it taste. 🙂 I'm experimenting with using it in cooking with spicy foods. Not in competition with hemp oil, just another great oil. Looking forward to picking up some help oil, next trip to the store, thanks for the comparison! Btw: Red Palm oil has 80% usrda or about 3500 IUs per tbs and a touch of E at 10% or about 1.5? IUs, as rare Tocotrienols and the more common Tocopherols. Percentage of each type of E not listed on package separately. Shalom!

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