Handpicked CBD explores the best way to take CBD products

There are several ways to take CBD. But where to start? How much CBD do you need and when do you need to take it?

The experts at Handpicked CBD break down the different formats and their unique benefits.

CBD Oils 

Benefit: discreet, in a small bottle for taking on the go. 

CBD oils, also known as tinctures, are easy to take, discreet, and delivered quickly to the body. CBD oils are taken under the tongue. This is known as the sublingual process which dates back to ancient medicine. The thin wall of tissue lining the mouth lends itself to absorbing active components like CBD from supplements.

CBD oils are made by mixing a CBD extract with a carrier oil, and a flavour like citrus or peppermint to taste.

Available in every flavour you can imagine, many CBD oils can also be used in baking or DIY beauty routines and often come with a pipette dropper or a handy spray top.

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CBD Vapes  

Benefit: CBD vapes provide fast absorption when you need CBD most. 

CBD e-liquid is vaporised at approximately 175 to 200°C, producing a cloudy vapour inhaled into the lungs. When vaped, the intake of CBD happens from the first puff allowing for fast absorption starting in the mouth.

Like with CBD oils, vaporised cannabinoids enter the bloodstream through the thin lining of the mouth wall and also in the throat and lungs, allowing for fast uptake.

Unlike smoking or vaping cannabis herb (which is illegal without a prescription!) CBD e-liquids come in a variety of flavours but will not get you high.

Are CBD vapes safe?

Yes – as long as you buy a good quality product from a reputable source. In 2019, reports dominated the American press of serious lung damage. The culprit was found to be vitamin E acetate used in black-market cannabis oils. We therefore recommend you always buy a British-made product from a reputable provider.

CBD Edibles 

Benefit: CBD edibles provide a slow release of CBD and first-time users

CBD edibles are food and drink items which have been infused or sprayed with CBD. The most popular and widely available kind of CBD edibles is the gummy. If CBD gummies do not whet your appetite, there are other forms of edibles out there, like CBD-infused chocolate or protein powder.

The main difference with edibles compared to CBD oil or vapes is the uptake time. As edibles are swallowed into the stomach, they must go through the body’s natural metabolic process. Researchers say this may result in some of the CBD content being lost in the process.

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CBD Drinks 

Benefit: microdosing 

CBD-infused beverages work in a similar way to CBD edibles and capsules. Usually alcohol-free, this is the cool category of drinks. From trendy coffee to energy drinks and performance support, there is a cup or can of CBD out there for every taste.

CBD Capsules 

Benefit: for those who cannot use CBD oils 

Like gummies and drinks, capsules are an easy way to take CBD for those who want a slow release or small dose of CBD on a regular basis. CBD capsules are convenient because they can be taken as part of your multivitamin or supplement routine. You can also find capsules which are vegan and contain other effective health boosting ingredients like magnesium and turmeric.

Always look for the ‘per capsule’ amount of CBD on the packaging. Continue reading to calculate the right dose of CBD for you.


CBD topicals 

Benefit: targeted relief 

Skincare, muscle and joint care, and transdermals all fall under the ‘topicals’ category. CBD topicals offer a range of solutions, from moisturisers for the face to soothing heat gels for aches to patches for discreet relief. These transdermals penetrate the layers of skin, delivering relief exactly where you need it. Clinical evidence is lacking in this area of CBD, but anecdotal evidence appears to confirm that CBD patches are an effective way to target muscle pain.

CBD patches can offer relief to specific parts of the body, delivering high concentrations of cannabinoids in an adhesive patch that is safe on skin. Patches allow for targeting problem areas of pain and inflammation such as arthritis, back pain and menstrual cramps. Most patches can be worn for several hours at a time, with some claiming relief of up to 96 hours.

Not sure which CBD format fits your lifestyle? 

First, ask yourself what is the reason behind your CBD curiosity? Is it pain relief, anxiety, poor sleep, or all the above? Next, calculate the dose that you need. The amount of CBD you need might vary considerably from a friend’s needs.

Diet, weight, and previous experience with cannabinoids are all factors to take into account. Whether it is to help you get a good night’s sleep or to energise your mornings, start low and go slow.

Tip: use this dosage calculator to find the right amount of CBD for you!


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