Does Treating Pediatric Seizures with CBD Oil Work?

Dr. Bonnie Goldstein, the medical director of Canna-Centers, shares how cannabis oil works to help pediatric seizures in cases like baby Zariah. Subscribe to …


  1. I’m gonna ask my neurologist if I can get a prescription for CBD oil. I’m tired of having seizures. Feeling tired and having headaches after a bad one passes. I’ve been unhappy for years because of my seizures. At this point I’ll do anything to be seizure free.

  2. 2:30 – 35% of clientele were pediatrics when Israel opened their first cannabis dispensary after only two weeks … kids who ingest full extract cannabis oils ( 35% !!/ 2 weeks after opening the dispensary)

  3. For some people THC is need to stop their seizures …. everyone is different … how we known this is by examining the endocannabinoid tone of the individual . identifying @ the palsma level the bio availability and the therapeutic response /. Has to mention this as all of a sudden the Guy had to claim that CBD is only needed … well it is not the only compound in cannabis LOL … ther are 150 phytocananbinoids identified with CBD-a and THC-a but two out opf all of them

  4. My daughter was just diagnosed with 3 different types of seizures related to epilepsy and her neurologist prescribed her the basic pharma acid that is usual and I won't give it to her I have started CBD as the first resort and after a couple months we will retest eeg and see , then if it doesn't help I will try the meds they prescribed that cause lots of side effects

  5. I have anxiety. I’ve tried Zoloft and it made me so sick and crappy. After taking CBD, I have become a better person. I haven’t had an anxiety attack in months. It changed my life.

  6. Why make these kids try all of the harsh pharmaceuticals before tying CBD? It just seems cruel knowing many of those meds carry such horrible side effects and we know CBD doesn’t.

  7. Nothing is “extreme” Dear Doctor,
    We all got endocannabinoids (endo=in; in our body), if we take phytocannabinoids (phyto=plant, from plant, from cannabis) nothing bad will happened to us, all 8 bilion people on Earth, all I realy, realy mean all, black, white, poor, rich, child or old!

    Cannabis CURE, not just treat! Dont trust CDC, ECDC, WHO etc. Trust nature!

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