DOES CBD REALLY DO ANYTHING? Real Doctor Explains Everything You Need Know About Cannabidiol CBD Oil

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  1. I have been using CBD products for 3 years. They have helped with pain and anxiety. My 2 favorite companies are CBD DAILY & CBD For Life. They always have great sales. I just started using CBD for life and I'm HOOKED! I bought their kit that came with a rub, roller ball , & spray. I also bought their peppermint tincture which tastes GOOD! Greg, their customer service rep is awesome! So glad I found them!

  2. For 7 yrs I was taking anywhere from 35-42 pills a day, from morphine 5 times a day to other pills. In 2017 I tried cbd oil and it didn't do anything then I was in a legal state and the guy had me try the flower. I take 2 pills a day now, for my blood pressure. I still have pain and pts but the cbd helps a lot better than all those pills.

  3. There's a reason some the most receptors in the human body (and many animals) is CBD…
    It also can be found in many plants like lavender etc
    2 type of cbd btw, derived from Hemp & Normal cannabis.
    Studies on the subjects have been done since the 1800
    Jacques-Joseph Moreau (3 June 1804 – 26 June 1884), nicknamed "Moreau de Tours", was a French psychiatrist and member of the Club des Hashischins. Moreau was the first physician to do systematic work on drugs' effects on the central nervous system, and to catalogue, analyze, and record his observations

  4. I use it, grow it, became a full believer. Works about as well as cymbalta for chronic pain. In me at least. Just need to build a super critical co2 extractor so I don't need to smoke it.

  5. Thanks Doc , great info. After complete reverse shoulder replacement I'm using full spectrum CBD 10.1 ratio .10 CBD 1 THC. 1 Gummy is 50mg CBD 1mg THC . 1 a day does help , especially with inflammation wich is the biggest part of pain . I don't feel high, so yea ill second the CBD cancel THC high. I used to do the heavy THC for many years for high level chronic pain , so I know what high feels like . I don't use any other drugs or alcohol. No anti-inflammatory or opioid, Only Tylenol when it's real bad, like a overdid therapy session, lol. RECOMMEND NOT mixing Tylenol with THC mainly because it can really freak you out when trying to do something involving safety. I did it but I'm a old Veteran and made dam sure I stayed home . No kidding to anyone thats listen,n . Use cation when mixing acetaminophen with THC ….. After shoulder replacement I did opioid for 10 days no refill and let the body do its magic. After that it was Tylenol, high doses of CBD and THC in place of opioid. Okay I've rambled enough thanks again Doc.
    PS ,, any new info alternatives versus opioid, acetaminophen and anti inflammation is much appreciated. 😇

  6. Hi. I am new to this page. I really enjoyed the video. I have been experimenting with cbd products to help me sleep at night. I have narcolepsy. It has worked partially. I want 8 hours straight. So far I have been able to only get 4. Without cbd, I wake up every 2 hours or I am up all night. Then I have to take meds to help me stay awake during the day. I would love to see more videos about cbd helps with sleeping disorders.

  7. Thanks for the awesomely informative video! I, myself, haven’t tried any (haven’t had the need for it), though I’m a big supporter of it for medicinal use. Here in Seattle, where marijuana’s legal, we actually have a multi-million industry for it, complete with brick and mortar pot shops. Sadly, though, the recreational marijuana distributors actually actually successfully lobbied the Washington State legislators to close down the medical marijuana stores, because they saw them as competition. It used to be that you could walk into a medical marijuana store here with a doctor’s prescription, and get the CBD product tailored to your specific needs by those trained in cultivating medical marijuana. Now, all of the medical marijuana stores are gone, thanks to the recreational shops that shut them down! It’s so sad to see! I hope the laws change and they can come back someday!

  8. Yes please!!! I have chronic pain in both feet don’t know what it is yet as no evidence of plantar faniitus but wen I use cbd flower it really helps with the pain

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