CBDfx Vape Kit + 250MG CBD Blue Raspberry Review #cbd #vape

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  1. I only got 50MG, but I got a "terpentene" bundle. I'm doing research after the fact, but, seeing these reviews and shit has me hype! CBD was always FANTASTIC right before i went to work. Anxiety – gone!

  2. I've been searching for a good vape juice and i came across ur video reviewing the CBD disposable pen and i went and checked out their site and i just got my vape juice (Strawberry Kiwi) in the mail 😊😊😊 haven't tried it yet tho…. Can't wait! Great video ✌

  3. I was looking on the site and do they not sell this model anymore !? I really like the way this model looks do you know any other company that sells one that’s similar to this one?

  4. I currently use the cbdfx vape Juices… I've purchased from them about 6 times… Fav flavor is the blue raspberry… It's fragrant and tastes good… Also used the terpenes vape Juices as well and the gelato one after using it the second time in 500mcg has a very earthy taste almost like dirt so I'm gonna mix it with the blue raspberry one… And I've tried the pineapple Express terpenes… Pretty good… Only flavor I don't like is the strawberry milk…it tastes like morning breath😂😂😂😂…. Been using mines with the migvapor morphe mod but the temp was too high so it kinda burned em so I ordered a new mod that is a lower wattage

  5. Thinking bout ordering one now. I’m looking for that relaxing full body effect. I used to smoke weed 24/7 now it’s from time to time and I know cbd ain’t ganna get you stoned asf but as far as the feeling goes. Is it worth it?

  6. Would they be willing to ship to Austin texas?, I'm going to college out there soon and I want to be able to get a good CBD vape pen but it seems no one is willing to ship out to texas due to legality laws with marijuana and hemp based products

  7. Would you think this would be a good idea for athletes with pain? I have much soreness and pains from injuries and workouts and I want to know if it’ll help with all that

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