CBD Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil – EXPLAINED!

I breakdown the differences between CBD Oil and Hemp Seed Oil! Dan & Sam’s Esty shop for Shirts, Decals, & more made by Sam: …


  1. I like CBD but don't like the taste. I use the CBD oil from Hempful Farms and mix it with my morning smoothies or juices. Keeps my anxiety low while at work.

  2. Lymphoma survivor here. I've been taking CBD oil for over 3 years and never felt better! and I agree, Hempful Farms has some of the best formula CBD oils on the market and 99% purity!

  3. Hempful Farms is the best company to get full spectrum CBD oil. Beware of the ones you find on Amazon, they don't allow the sale of full spectrum, a lot of products on their are not labeled right.

  4. I was hoping to find out what this cbd beard oil does for your beard compared to just regular beard oil? I like the butter personally. But beard octane just dropped cbd butter so idk what the difference actually is

  5. here in canada we have shops where we can buy weed and cbd its called SQDC , how much you think i should put in my beard oil with the recipes you gve in another video? thanks! for everything man love your videos

  6. I prefer Hemp seed oil over cbd oil, the hemp oil worked very well for my anxiety and cbd oil worsen my panic attacks and caused me to feel more paranoid

  7. For the last one month, I take Hemp oil without knowing much benefits from it. But my concern is that Hemp oil contains quite a ratio of 3 : 1 , Omega 6 and Omega 3. I learned that we take much more Omega 6 from the food in general. That means we are taking much more Omega 6 if we take Hemp oil. I am wondering if I should put Hemp oil away from my diet, and stick with Olive oil and MCT oil. I like the taste of Hemp oil thought.

  8. So which oil, hemp or hemp seed produces phenomenal beard growth? I want the OTHER one… as I have no beard! 🤣 Joke aside, thanks for this informative video. 😊👍

  9. You can get high,I hate the dentist ,I get the top Cbd oil its freezed -35 with organic ethenol,just the bud is used. I took the whole once before the dentist.The once 3 tablespoons.My dentist accused me smoking weed.I showed her theCbd oil.I cant take pain.Other times I take 2 teaspoons only am not high but ffel ral good no stress at all <sorry miss apelled
    I take

  10. Hi there Dan C, I ´m using CBD since three months. I’m 74 years old and in my twenties I used to smoke grass sporadically. With the years I got some health problems with my back and realized that a little smoke will relax me and made me feel better. The stigma with grass made me careful, I grew up in a country where they would send you to jail for it and used it just when I could without the risk.

    In my early thirties I moved to Switzerland and there it was more or less tolerated and even they tried legalized, and they lost for a small amount of voters. Now you can buy CBD products even with a full spectrum of 0.9 % and recently, 1% of THC. With physiotherapy and stretching exercises everyday I manage to keep active, and I firmly believe, keeps me in good mood an a positive mind through the day. I was never a smoker , tobacco or grass, so this solution works good for me.
    I think that further research will bring relief for millions of people like me, without risking being a law breaking human being in the eyes of the lawmakers. Thanks for your interesting information!

  11. Hey Dan,
    WOW, i'm speechless! Bro. I'm just loving your beard. I can just play😛 in it all day. hehehehe:) and you wear it so well. Thanks for this explanation between the 2 agents. I am hooked on the CBD Coffee. Then there is the Hemp Coffee. But, my favorite is the CBD coffee.😛 I get it on Amazon. Good Stuff! Thanks. Be Good and Peace.😛

  12. Today i got beard oil with cbd cannabis oil for first time. Ive noticed that its much much thicker than other oils that ive used. I tried it before and its amazing. It made my beard much softer.

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