CBD Oil for Pain, Anxiety + Sleep

Does CBD have any positive health effects? On this episode of The Sitch, we’re talking all about CBD oil for pain, anxiety, and sleep. CBD belongs to a class of …


  1. By sleep problems, anxiety and panic attacks I really recommend EU company Leaf Boutique Portugal. 90€ for 30ml/3000mg! Great quality!

  2. I was in a bad motorcycle accident and have bad shoulder and back pain.. I tried CBD and the pain is GONE.. I got the 1000mg bottle and I take 3 drops in the morning and 3 b4 bed.. amazing

  3. I had awful insomnia for 9 months, the only method I could sleep at night was by using medi cines. I ran across this sleep plan , Sυnodoz Plan , Go ogle it , from my doctor. Just after Five weeks, I achieved the very best sleep of my life. Those who have suffered from sleep problems for a very long time must also look at this. My sleeping routine every night has improved considerably..

  4. I had awful sleeping disorder for 9 months, the only way I can rest was by using prescription drugs. I obtained this , Sυnodoz Plan , Go ogle it , sleeping program from a medical professional. Just after 5 weeks, I obtained the very best sleep of my life. People who have endured sleep problems for a reasonable time need to test this. My sleeping has greatly improved!..

  5. I wouldn't worry too much about research as long as it's not hurting people, just listen to what people are saying. Im for sure getting much longer sleep and I don't need a scientist to tell me that. Simple wrist sleep tracker will tell you all you need to know.

  6. This sleep method , Sυnodoz Plan , Go ogle it , has not merely ceased me from purchasing various treatments but in addition helped me achieve a good night sleep just after 3-4 months of nightly insomnia attack. Throughout that period, I really could just sleep at night Three to four hours every evening. When I began using the plan, I was able to achieve 7 straight hours of sleep..

  7. Helped me stop smoking weed as i like to smoke now and again but struggle to sleep without it due my body/brain building a very quick dependency on it in order to sleep. It has helped me sleep naturally without even thinking of smoking. I think this is because the skunk available is very high in THC and low in CBD. What I’m really after is the affect of the CBD 🙂 this may also be the case for other people that smoke weed. I think it could be useful to treat cannabis addiction.

  8. My experience with CBD oil and other CBD products like roll-ons and balms has been rather positive and full of satisfaction. I'm a survivor of a vehicular accident 5 years ago and I've had multiple injuries that I sustained in the crash. Even after all the years of recovery, I still have chronic pains and CBD products from https://getcbdinfusion.com/ has really helped me. If there are others out the just like me, I hope this helps because it's been wonderful for me!

  9. Great video and I appreciate your evidence based approach! I think, if used appropriately and with the advice of a provider who is familiar with using CBD, it can be great for sleep, anxiety, pain and even depression. I totally agree about how it can use the same metabolic enzyme pathway that grapefruit does so it can interfere with certain drug metabolism so always talk with an experienced provider about this topic. Thanks for the video and what a great channel you have!!!

  10. Hey whitney can you make a video about A2 milk vs a1 milk which are made from different type of cows? Studies show a2 milk is tolerable for lactose intolerant people

  11. I have struggled with insomnia for decades and have tried everything. Heard about CBD as it's only recently been approved for sale in the UK, I believe.

    So its only been a few days since I have been trying 4 drops of 5% CBD oil at night, under the tongue and so far I can see a huge difference. I feel 'more comfy ' after about 45mins and thoughts stop racing and feel nice and sleepy…not 'druggy or drunk sleepy' but naturally sleepy as if it's the end of a nice long active day on holiday. ..etc.

    I do wake in the early hours but don't have the associated 'jagged, jangled sort of stressed out feeling with my heart racing like so many other times before. I am able to drift back to sleep and feel calm and alert the next day.

    May still be early days but think this shows a lot of promise as an excellent much safer alternative.

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