CBD for Dogs with Arthritis or Joint Pain – Does it Work?

Transcript of this Video: Hi folks. Buck Rivzi here, co-founder of Ultimate Dog. This video is all about CBD oil for dogs with arthritis. Well, what causes arthritis in …


  1. my sweet old lady boston terrier has had severe arthritis in her hips for a few years now, I found a company Eden's Herbals who offers these AMAZING CBD dog treats. I would seriously recommend these 100%. She's so active now and doesn't seem to be in nearly as much pain or discomfort as before, I've been giving these treats to her for over a year now and I will not stop! She loves them and it's amazing to see my sweet little girl lively again!

  2. Thank you very much for your video. Do you know anything about CBD effect in herding breeds with MDR1 gene? My senior Border Collie seem to respond very well to CBD but I want to be sure that I am not misinterpreting. The vet cannot asnwer theoretically and asks for liver values.

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