Cannabidiol CBD and Mental Health

CBD is a cannabinoid in cannabis ( marijuana ) that is extremely useful for addressing mood and pain issues. CBD is nonintoxicating although it does interact …


  1. Coming from experience with both dried flower and isolated and purified CBD concentrate, I can assure you do NOT need over 200mg of CBD for therapeutic effects. All of my stuff is 3rd party tested through GC/MS with a detailed lab results printout with batch number, dates and a supervising technician signature.
    I use a milligram scale to measure the dose I vaporize and I would recommend 50-75mg. Oral dosing is the problem… 90% of the dose is wasted if using the oral route. With vaporized or smoked 65% reaches the brain. It all has to do with first pass metabolism…
    If the patient switches over to high quality dried CBD flower and vapes or smokes it, the many other cannabinoids come into play causing the entourage effect. Isolated CBD is best utilized as an additive to flower or added to a full spectrum extract.
    CBD flower and concentrates changed my life! It truly is unbelievable!

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