A doctor's case for medical marijuana | David Casarett

Physician David Casarett was tired of hearing hype and half-truths around medical marijuana, so he put on his skeptic’s hat and investigated on his own.


  1. Okay guy is acting like the purchasing experience is the medicinal part of the experience, which…. Fall well short of the full story. The actual compounds are medicinal doc get it right, don't beat around the bush. In fact by the end of the vid I'm convinced he's completely missed the point… He sound like all he cares about is the loss of market share, what a fucking tool. Get it through your heads "doctors" these compounds are medicine to people… Not the fucking experience of purchasing them … Jeez laweez.. I thought I'd really like what I heard in this presentation but am starkly dismayed.

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  3. He was doing okay, sort of middle of the road. then, I have no idea where he went with this. Movement on policy of this plant is at historically Glacial levels, and it is the most studied plant in the last 30 years. There are hundreds of studies of the governments' own PubMed website, which is maintained and supported with public tax monies. At the same time, there have been dozens of drugs given the rubber stamp including the cannabinoid equivalents, with alcohol added, and it doesn't really work the same. Is it as effective? Not in any way, shape, or form. He went off in a stream of shilling for the FDA and the DEA at the end, who BTW, have no compunction against ruining his career if he gets too friendly with this wonderfully capable Plant of Renown. Sad. JS

  4. I had a dr tell me to take meds that are black box and in the same breath said supplements and marijuana was a waste of time and money. Said cigarettes would help with tension. His brother had an oncology office across the hallway.

  5. Everything is controlled by Pharma and the money they make. Drugs that have serious side effects are put on the market. Doctors are brainwashed that pharma drugs are the only way. I’ve never been told that diet and exercise can be the solutions to my type II diabetes and high blood pressure by a doctor. They give me a ten minute review and prescriptions. On my own, I lost 20 lbs and my HBa1c is now 5.6 my blood pressure is good too. Preventative medicine is a valuable approach. I’m not saying it was easy but many doctors go rote and follow a set protocol with no deviation.

  6. There aint no such thing as medical marijuana. I dont care what any doctor says. I smoked the stuff for years and i never saw where it did anything but get me high. People want to be able to get high legally and you got other people that want to help them because they bought into the pain reliever pitch. It aint nothing but pure hogwash. Ive smoked enough of the stuff to pull a battleship around. Theyre aint no pain relieving abilities in smoking pot. Take it from a man that had enough sense to leave that stuff alone and has no reason to lie. If someone wants to smoke thats their business but making it legal is a definite mistake.

  7. When I was going through radiation (on my brain) I was so nauseous. Medical marijuana was the only thing to stop that terrible feeling. 💜

  8. PATENTS…it's because OF PATENTS. Because cannabis is a wild plant the Pharmaceutical companies cant patent it or make money off it. Big Pharma is about shareholders MONEY and not about healing people. Its sad but its true..

  9. Science is being made a hypocrit, because all of the crap they allow on the open market, but when it comes to cannabis "we need more research". Its a plant that has lived way longer than us, in some of the most inhospitable places on this planet. I think we will be alright just keep the people away who think theyre smarter than God.

  10. Absolutely sucks in my country. Knowing it's highly illegal and being the only thing that actually works for me.
    Feeling like a damn criminal when I'm so unwell.

  11. That was really good if you could get all the doctors on board with what you're saying maybe we wouldn't have opioid crisis going on maybe we could somehow prescribed cannabis that would make people feel like they like like humans you tend to feel not like humans when you're on the opioids and cannabis being illegal in Texas like it is it gives us no choice but to tighten opioids and not deal with cannabis because it is illegal we need our government to get it legalized and get it sanctioned where doctors can study it and make it the right thing the prescribed to people that is an in the life and need a quality of life

  12. WE don't need to hide behind that professional status, it hasn't been proven to kill anyone. If governments are so worried about harmful substances ban alcohol

  13. Why need research when there are so many testimonies? I am disgusted with the health “care” establishment. All they do is finish you with pharmaceutical poisons that don’t work.

  14. Our government is blinded and care less about our children theres no money in it for big pharmaceutical companys. Funding for childhood cancer is 3.97% which is nothing CBD and THC help our daughter till the end of her life our princess Zayda had a brain tumor called DIPG with no cure she was doomed from diagnoses day the tumor takes 6 to 8 months from diagnoses to kill a kid and some kids could live longer if there lucky or have a honeymoon stage but still in danger of loosing there life it could happen to any kid at any time cells in parents don't matter it just happen she got dealt a bad card from what one Dr said to us and Dr.s Dont like CBD and THC since theres no money in it for them also no research is done so Dr.s are clueless on CBD and THC please follow us on Facebook. #princesszayda
    Fourever 4year old princess

  15. I just went to my doctor today asking if I can get my MMJ card and she said that there isn’t enough research and or evidence that it can be beneficial. She is also against it and never recommends it unless it’s needed, I think that’s disappointing because it’s 2020 and we need more doctors to open up and normalize the discussion around the medical marijuana community it’s just so weird that they will recommend drugs that are potentially very addictive and have giant lists of side effects but they won’t look into one plant.

  16. No, it's only illegal because they haven't made synthetic "for profit" versions yet.

    Marijuana has been used as a medicine for all of recorded history except the past 80 years of propoganda brought upon by the corporations it threatened.


    >Bob Anderson, chief of the mortality statistics branch for the CDC, disputed that the agency’s coding is the problem. He said complications from medical care are listed on death certificates, and that codes do capture them. The CDC’s published mortality statistics, however, count only the “underlying cause of death,” defined as the condition that led a person to seek treatment.
    *As a result, even if a doctor does list medical errors on a death certificate, they are not included in the published totals. Only the underlying condition, such as heart disease or cancer, is counted, even when it isn’t fatal.*

    i think the problem lies in people's unwarranted faith in the healthcare system, when it was designed since the prohibition of hemp/marijuana to become a "for profit" industry that creates patients rather than cures them. this makes it much harder for people to realize they are being lied to

    Medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death year after year according to an 8 year Johns Hopkins study (doctors are people too and make mistakes):

    *Doctors take bribes and kickbacks to prescibe medications, even if it's known to be deadly like Fentanyl:*



    this is just a continuation of dishonesty. Today we live off the byproducts of the oil industry rather than using hemp…which is why it and MMJ was made illegal…because corporate profits suffered. Following this trail, tobacco industries created the roadmap for funding bias in science and medicine, and it's never been trustworthy since. Nixon solidified "for profit" healthcare with the HMO Act of 1973 for his buddy Edgar Kaiser, then CEO of Kaiser Permanente

    Medicine, sponsored by the Rockefeller Institute 😳

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    Drª. CRISTINA SANCHEZ (Universidade Computense de Madrid)
    She has comproved what Rick Simpson (US) was saying:
    Canabinoids and specificly THC kill's cancer cells and
    angiogenesis and metastasis.
    That is about the Endocannabinoid System that is not teached in medicine schools around the world.
    Please somebody do something 🙁
    Listen to DR.Robert Melamade (Colorado)

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