🤔Is Hemp Different From Weed?

Do you know the real difference between hemp and weed? You may be surprised! In this video, I’ll explain everything that separates weed and hemp. PLUS I’ll …


  1. I signed up and I been fucking with you from the beginning man I still can’t believe you haven’t blown up more then what this channel is well stay terpy my boy!!!

  2. No wonder I couldn't find your channel you changed the look new topic homie do yall have breath alizer test for bud yet up there ? And how long before you can drive after smoking a fat 1

  3. No problem buddy. Take as much time as you need. I fully understand dealing with your YouTube issues come first. Honesty just excited I won something for once! Again thanks!

  4. We actually have hemp flower for sale here all over south florida. At some shops it looks like they chopped it down and left it to dry on the ground. At others the stuff has some really nice bag appeal.

  5. Dam bro not even gonna explain my self but I just learned something new today thanks to the strain show honestly bro and I dig the new icon fits the strain show💯

  6. Ive watched a lot of weed tubers but none can compare to how INFORMATIVE and the EFFORT put into the Strain Show!

    joined Tha mailing list because I’d hate to miss your content!

  7. Patreon yay, will be joining soon….. And Yay free stuff!! You tube needs to check themselves before they wreck themselves…. Keep up the good work…anndd. Wwwwhhhhaaaattt, I'm a winner, sweeet.

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